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Create a good governance platform for young professionals to voice out and get involved in the national democratic process as responsible citizens towards a better Sri Lanka

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YPO - Gampaha District

7 hours 20 minutes ago

YPO - Gampaha District shared Ranil Wickremesinghe's video.

සංවර්ධනය සදහා සංහිදියාව අත්‍යාවශ්‍ය සාධකයක්. තරුණයින්ට ඒ සදහා පෙරමුණ ගත හැකියි.
எங்கள் இளைஞர்களின் வளர்ச்சியை அபிவிருத்தி பாதைக்கு இட்டுச்செல்ல நல்லிணக்கம் ஒரு முக்கியமான காரணியாக உள்ளது.
Reconciliation is a necessary factor for development, in which our youth can play a leading role.

YPO - Gampaha District

13 hours 50 minutes ago

YPO - Gampaha District shared Harsha de Silva's photo.

What a change from the days of the regime!

I took this photo onboard a commercial flight from Singapore to Australia. The President of Sri Lanka sitting in business class next to another previously unknown passenger. I honestly felt good. I have traveled with PM many times and he and his wife Maithree travel in similar simple fashion.

In comparison we recall how the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa used to 'commandeer' SriLankan aircraft when he travelled overseas. There have been many instances where an entire plane would be given to him by his brother in law chairman for the duration of the trip. While the President was at meetings the plane would sit on the tarmac! I doubt people will forget how he fired the CEO of the then Emirates JV because he couldn't get first class seats for his entire entourage, and how his brother in law turned the profit making SriLankan asset in to a hugely loss making liability by doing such unwise things.

YPO - Gampaha District

1 day 14 hours ago

YPO - Gampaha District

3 days 13 hours ago

YPO - Gampaha District shared Your Environment's photo.


The greatest risk of microbial contamination is associated with water polluted by human or animal feces. Feces may initially contain or provide a medium for reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, protozoa and helminths (worms). Some microorganisms become dangerous only under certain conditions, such as increased water temperature. Most of the pathogens are always present in water, however the danger arises with increase in their concentration.

All of the above cause infectious diseases transmitted through water, from weak gastroenteritis to dysentery and cholera. Be aware that the transmission of the disease can be carried out also through washing, showering and bathing. You may have observed in real life or at least heard or read about the ablution in the sacred waters of the river Ganges in India, where cows bath next to the pilgrims and ashes of the dead are thrown into those same waters. Millions of tons of waste is flushed down the river annually. This is one of the places in the world with the largest number of registered infectious diseases. However, a small pond or even a puddle may become a source of infection under certain circumstances in any place on Earth.

The microbiological characteristics of the water are very unstable, especially in case of the surface sources. The water well, which provided us with clear water just week ago, may turn into a source of infection. Often short-term peaks in pathogen concentration are recorded after the increase of water temperature above 20 C. The the discovery of Legionnaires' disease in the 1970s had shown that not all of the pathogens related to drinking water are known to science.

[Image credits: “E. coli Bacteria” by NIAID/Flickr, CC BY 2.0, http://bit.ly/2pZpeAB]

YPO - Gampaha District

5 days 4 hours ago

YPO - Gampaha District shared Science Channel's post.

YPO - Gampaha District

5 days 15 hours ago

YPO - Gampaha District shared General Hamilton Wanasinghe's photo.

රණවිරුවන් කිසිදාක අමතක නොවනු ඇත.

YPO - Gampaha District

6 days 13 hours ago

YPO - Gampaha District shared Harsha de Silva's video.

GSP+ සහනය තුළින් ඉලක්ක කරන ආර්ථික ප්‍රතිලාභ මෙන්න

YPO - Gampaha District

1 week 9 hours ago

YPO - Gampaha District

1 week 14 hours ago

YPO - Gampaha District shared a link.


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